Leighton Contractors

This was a one weekend project to consolidate a number of Leighton Contrators' businesses into their new home in Perth. I was originally contracted for two days however gained an additional half day due to some staff being unable to work due to issues such as those related to physical exhaustion and transport

Old site tasks:

  • Bag all small labeled small IT equipment such as mobiles, keyboards, mice, docking stations
  • Remove all monitors from stands to fasten the process of putting them all on adjustable VESA mounts at the new facility
  • Checklist all items with the PC and get another team member to sign in additional agreement
  • Ensure that removalist staff are alerted to any high value or fragile goods so they could be separated and loaded last
  • Move all equipment not labelled however may be required to a common area in case it is identified on opening day that it is required

New site tasks:

  • Check for damage or missing items on checklists, reporting all problems on a large poster piece of paper so that searches/replacements can be sourced after the majority of other tasks had finished
  • Place monitors on VESA mounts and check that arm pressure is not too heavy so that if needed staff can move the monitor around
  • Put desktop PCs in under desk slings and laptops/portables into drawers, plugging in all power and top of desk/ergonomically placed USB ports
  • Watch for raw power elements in case the item had not been finished properly eg a high use power cable was found to be worn as it was stretched too far before we installed
  • Keep cable management clean, making sure they were all tied down or within plastic poles

First day tasks:

  • Floor walk approaching each staff member within our zone to check that everything needed was correctly installed and adjusted to their needs
  • Check for power overuse eg when under load some areas required additional power strips which were installed that day by an onsite electrician
  • Move staff who had changed seating plans, since the master plan was agreed on up to two months before implementation
  • Assist with small tasks that were IT related however could cause in house support overflow eg phone logins, network connectivity issues, inactive ports

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