Working for British Telecoms Australasia was my second role within Fiona Stanley Hospital after moving on from a temporary position in the onsite Mail Room. My work with BT varied immensely on a day to day basis due to my entry in to the team later on in the project, at the time the focus was mainly on defect rectification.

Tasks included:

  • Warehouse and Logistics management of an area with stock in excess of a million dollars, conversing with the many internal departments of BT and others such as Facilities Management, Cleaning Services, Downer and Test Tag who also use the same area
  • Waste management including sorting of rubbish types and disposal by correct means (sometimes up to 300kg a day)
  • 3rd party communication such as calling the Help Desk and Security (SIMS) team to gain access to restricted areas and ETAs on items that are to be delivered to ensure continuation of our work
  • Traffic management, making sure that when moving items we aren't blocking access to other workers and awareness of unmanned vehicles such as onsite Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Area specific inductions such as those that are on lock down or require constant surveillance by area team members (Operating Theatres, Security Access) 
  • Location awareness of both where you and other team members are onsite as time to time teams would be split up without the ability to communicate due to such issues as mobile/WiFi blackspots (most areas we visited were still under commissioning at the time we visited)
  • Floor walking, checking that every computer within a given area is ready for the first day of service and no undocumented changes have taken place since the original deployment

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